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from by The Wonder-Nerds

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N- Enthralled by the funknificient grooves of this time, the Wonder-Nerds decided not to leave, but to jam with more legends, tour the world, and slowly forget what they were seeking and why. Little did they know, the Man had already grown quite powerful by this time...

He had actually been a young lad when the Nerds played their show back in the 20’s. He was intoxicated by their power, their seeming infallibility. They could do anything. They were gods. A keg and a horde of groupies later, and the little Man saw them for what they really were; power-hungry egomaniacs that abused technology for petty pleasures. And he wanted to be like them. When they left, they dropped one of their groovy beams. How could gods lose the tools of their godliness? He knew then that they were fallible, that he could steal their power. He took the device, used it control his peers, and tricked helpless geek into reverse engineering it so he could patent the technology and build himself an empire.

When the Funk gave minorities and women voting rights, and the freedom to question authority, The Man knew that music had to be control, centralized, and dumbed down so that he could retain power. He began to take over soulful music. When the Wonder-Nerds reappeared in his time, he tracked them down, drugged them, and then used their own technology to brainwash them into materialistic, sexually insecure, propaganda delivery systems. Fans that once valued quality music were zombified by rhetoric and conditioning, made into an uncritical labor force with the will to waste money on the consumerist crap the Man needed to sell to keep his machine afloat. So began the era of Swag...


from Abuscientia, released July 30, 2013




The Wonder-Nerds Atlanta, Georgia

The start date was 8-7-2721, and in the Star System Beta Canum Venticorum, the Wonder-Nerds ran like pansies from the evil Scrotum Aliens, falling into a wormhole and inadvertently changing all of history as a consequence. The only surviving record of their travels lies in their album, Abuscientia. Listen with caution, skepticism, and most importantly, in chronological order. ... more

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