Mad Scientist To​-​Do List

from by The Wonder-Nerds



Charlie2 aka Mad Scientist- MUAHAHAHAHAAAAAA

Take the genes from an eel
Make electrical rats
Bombardier beetle booties
On blazing lizard bat

Venus fly frogs
Psychic seals
Keep'em in balls
Make Pokemon real

Doctor Strange Love, Frankenstein, Kaku combined,
Gonna make a black hole,
and travel through time

Killer robots that can read your mind
That emit radiation to make you blind


Mad scientist to do list
When I try this the man gets pissed
Who's to say I'm the one that's mad
When the man has nukes sitting on a launch pad

Welcome to my lab (your lab this is ours!)
I see you've made it passed my giant spider crab! (we do have phasers)
Foolish one, you don't know what lies in store,
Now I'll send you back before the dinosaurs!! (We've been there before!)

Me and Godzilla have fought on the moon
I'll won cause I have a giant laser harpoon

Gonna colonize mars
With rocket cars
Playing guitars
The size stars

Put a bug in your head to control your brain
If you can't already tell I'm a little insane


Mad scientist todo list
When I try to do this, the man gets pissed
Who's to say I'm the one that's mad when the man has nukes sitting on a launch

Welcome to my lab
I've got a plan to destroy the man, let's give it a stab
Don't you know how lucky you must be
To witness the end of humanity with me. (you have gone mad!!)

Run out of the
You can't stop me now
You don't even know how

Nobody can match me
My work's to superb
Unless, oh no!!!
The Wonder-Nerds!


from Abuscientia, released July 30, 2013




The Wonder-Nerds Atlanta, Georgia

The start date was 8-7-2721, and in the Star System Beta Canum Venticorum, the Wonder-Nerds ran like pansies from the evil Scrotum Aliens, falling into a wormhole and inadvertently changing all of history as a consequence. The only surviving record of their travels lies in their album, Abuscientia. Listen with caution, skepticism, and most importantly, in chronological order. ... more

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