Goodbye to the Wonder​-​Nerds

from by The Wonder-Nerds

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Thank you so much for bearing with us. <3


Z- Guys, it is worse than I thought! Our ship is already going as close to the speed of light as it can, but we are too close to the black hole to escape!
C- So we’ll just have to float here until we run out of power, at which point we are dead...
R- Shit....

Time to say goodbye to the Wonder-Nerds
World just wasn’t ready for our voices to be heard
Sure we screwed up a lot, thought we were gods but we’re not!
Self-credulity and lack of foresight was our end

Sure we killed the Man, and vanquished his hired guns,
but now we’re the only doom the Earth needs saving from
but its too late and its all lost and I wish we had seen
that all is in vain in a world of entropy

Z- Wait! I can convert the blackhole’s gravity into power for a wormhole

C- We can escape!

R- Or we can save the Earth!

C- The orbits are all fucked up! Earth is done for!

Comp- Actually, I can time the wormhole to absorb the black hole just enough to keep the Earth in a habitable orbit.

R- Sweet!

Comp- Only problem is that for it to work it the wormhole would have to suck us in to, and without full power the black hole will close the wormhole, pinching us out of space time and existence....

C- Well....
R- Um....
Z- Shit....


from Abuscientia, released July 30, 2013




The Wonder-Nerds Atlanta, Georgia

The start date was 8-7-2721, and in the Star System Beta Canum Venticorum, the Wonder-Nerds ran like pansies from the evil Scrotum Aliens, falling into a wormhole and inadvertently changing all of history as a consequence. The only surviving record of their travels lies in their album, Abuscientia. Listen with caution, skepticism, and most importantly, in chronological order. ... more

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